Move With Soph at Home

It’s been a weird year so far right? When life feels beyond our control, it can be reassuring to know we don’t have to leave the comfort of our home to workout!

That’s why I’ve designed a progressive 12 week guide containing 24 workouts - a combination of 12 resistance training sessions using minimal equipment and 12 sessions using only your bodyweight for maximum sweat- Ideal to do anywhere!

This 12 week home guide is split into 6 blocks. The first 2 will focus on full body workouts, the final 4 will be upper/lower splits for the resistance focused sessions- building up to more sets and less rest on bodyweight burn days. All 4 workouts a week are designed to help increase strength AND fitness levels as you work your way through. We all lead busy lives so in this programme, none of the workouts take more than 30 minutes to complete!

Move with Soph will challenge you - but with the guidance of a super simple to follow app with in-depth tutorial videos - You will be guided every step of the way.

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Access on mobile app

All workouts are embedded into the AFLETE App where you can track your progress, watch videos and complete each workout session.

Easy to follow

Follow the guide step by step through the app.


Measure the amount of time you are spending for each workout.


Track how many sets and reps you are completing in each workout.


Make notes for yourself as you progress through the guide.