Is there a dedicated inbox for specific enquiries regarding workouts and/or nutrition?

If you have any questions regarding the workouts, feel free to DM me on IG @sophie_aris or on the @movewithsoph page. Regarding nutrition, I don’t give specific or personalised nutrition/diet advice, however I share lots of information about what I found works for me over on my Youtube channel.

Do you recommend a specific brand for supplements and/or equipment?

I personally use Bulk Powders supplements, their range varies from protein to vitamins.

Does this guide include a personalised nutrition plan?

No, this guide does not contain a personalised nutrition plan.

How do I know if this guide is suitable for me?

This guide is suitable for those at beginner to intermediate fitness levels. Whether you are trying to get fitter, stronger or have aesthetic goals in mind. This guide can be done both at home or the gym.
*If you are ill, pregnant or are suffering with an injury- please consult with your doctor beforehand.

How many workouts (or meals) per week are included?

There are 4 workouts a week, this is made up of 2 resistance training workouts and 2 bodyweight burn workouts. This is a progressive programme, so sets/reps will increase as you progress through the guide!

How many weeks does it take to complete the guide?

This is a 12 week guide which you can repeat anytime you like!

Has this guide been designed by you?

This programme has been designed by me, Sophie Aris. It’s based on my training throughout my transition from bikini competitor and bodybuilder, to a regular female living a busy life but still wanting to keep fit and maintain aesthetic goals.

What’s included when I buy this guide?

When you purchase this guide, you will gain access to all the workouts, via the Aflete app, including demo videos of each exercise. Each exercise will also feature a description to guide you through the movements in correct form.
You will also get access to the Move with Soph private Facebook community, to connect with like minded individuals that also follow the guide I have created. It’s such an amazing support network!

What equipment do I need for this guide?

This guide is ideal for home workouts. You will need a light/medium weight, set of dumbbells and a resistance (booty) band.

Do I have to follow this guide exactly as it was created?

My advice would be to follow the guide, however if you want to add an extra session during the week- I recommend bodyweight burn. Also feel free to adjust the sets/reps to suit your current fitness level. We all start somewhere!

What are the benefits of following this guide?

A fitter and stronger version of yourself!

What makes this guide different? why should I choose this guide?

I created this guide because I believe you should be able to reach your fitness goals at home. Working out shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something that is part of your daily routine. It should be a combination of a challenge but also fun and enjoyable too. I believe this guide does just that. It combines cardio and resistance training programmes that are all under 30 minutes long. Perfect to fit into your schedule even on the busiest of days.